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Spinning equipment

Electronic weighing carding, tube winding automatic fitting, temperature and humidity to automatically adjust air conditioning, USTER roving online testing for spinning pure and blended cashmere, wool, silk and other fibers can be spun yarn count range 9-36Nm of "Bao Yi" brand cashmere yarn.

工厂展示 粗纺车间.jpeg

Worsted Workshop 

In the production process, through the application of new technology and anti-shrink, anti-pilling and anti-static and other special treatment, we can make worsted cashmere products with the high abrasion resistance, light and smooth, supple and delicate, shiny and full, elegant and luxurious , making it for four seasons wearing. With the develop of  thinnest worsted cashmere products available, “summer do not wear cashmere“history has been rewritten.

Knitting workshop 

Kitting shop introduce 46 Germany STOLL knitting machine (including 20 TC machine), as well as automatic ironing machine control PLC system .Our Designers using a special process of networking systems to keep in touch with German and Italian designer .

Clothing& Accessories workshop

Workshop has been dedicated to the production of high-end "Bao Xiang" brand cashmere fabric clothing and Furs, Leather clothing.All staff has extensive experiences and skills in the production of high-quality clothing . We work together with a number of internationally renowned fashion brands in many aspects. Such as fabric development, garment design, dyeing and finishing techniques. Even today ,the brand influence still rising in the domestic and aboard market .

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